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Atomic 3D Shooter -Great arcade game in 3D space - fuse and nuke all the flying atoms that are trying to fill your desktop window. Two game modes, a meditative and a time-pressed one, are included, as well as different skill levels. nline contest for best players. Easy installation. Free upgrades and support. Very entertaining and hooking - what else would you desire!In the registered version of Atomic 3D Shooter you have:-two different playing modes for every taste; -three skill levels of varying difficulty, for everybody to have fun ;-tune various options to your taste ;-your best results are saved, and can take part in the Web-contest for top players ;-free technical support by e-mail ;-upgrage to new versions is free.The goal of this game is to blow up all the atoms that are flying around in the space.At the beginning of the game the space is filled with atoms of six colors that are not connected one to another. Every atom has its own properties such as velocity and direction, so all the atoms are moving chaotically. Also they are being attracted to the origin by the gravity, so they don't fly away. When two atoms collide - they stick one to another and form a molecule. Since that moment they behave like a single piece.There are go game modes: strategy and time based. In strategy mode you can shoot the atom whenever you want, and in time based game - the atom will be automatically released after some period of time. Also you can change the gravity and the rotation speed.

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